I co-organise several lectures offered by the Chair for Software Engineering.


I frequently supervise students in the different seminars offered by the Chair for Software Engineering.

In our seminars, students are given source material on their assigned topic (either a research paper, or a book chapter). The students then write a proposal, describing their plan for a 25min research talk on the topic. Students typically review one or more proposals by other students. The talks are either given throughout the semester, or as a “block seminar” in 1-2 days near the end of the semester.

Student Projects

I have supervised a number of student projects revolving around program analysis and automata theory. Such projects typically involve a theoretical component (e.g. design / modification and correctness proof of some algorithm) and an implementation and evaluation component in the context of the program analysis and automata theory framework Ultimate.

If you are interested in a project or thesis, send me an email. You can find a list of possible topic areas in the Ultimate wiki.

Dominik Klumpp